Visual Theatre Processes

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Theatre making and storytelling.

Spanning the breadth of all forms and technology used in the creation of performance, visual theatre is where we find ourselves most at home. DPS crafts heightened audience experiences through the use of Puppetry, Animation, Light, Sound and Performance. We engage the imagination, tell the impossible stories and balance illusion with real connection to character and narrative. This workshop will give participants the opportunity to explore the theatre-making tools used by DPS, and work through a process of scripting, devising and rehearsing short Visual Theatre performances. 

Classroom Connections: Contemporary and Hybrid Performance, Contemporary Puppetry, Multimedia and Cinematic Theatre, Storytelling 

90mins to multi-day | Secondary

Workshop content includes:

• Conceptual and storyboarding exercises

• Design and construct props & puppets using readily available materials

• Devise content in groups, considering light, scale, music, shape & form

• Discuss constructive feedback

• Polish & present rehearsed performances


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