The Society

Help us dream big.

If you share our passion and love what we do, consider joining The Society, an intimate group of committed donors.

Vital funds raised via The Society contribute directly towards the creation of new works, will help grow Dead Puppet Society capacity and support the creative development of each new project.

Your support will not only change our world, but enable us to dream up even more imaginative worlds and help us share our stories on stages across the globe.

The Society is exclusive and by invitation. We ask each member to commit to a minimum donation of $5,000 per year for three years.

All donations are fully tax deductible through the Company's DGR status.

To find out more please contact Executive Producer Nicholas Paine on 0449 899 862 or

Members of The Society will feel part of the Dead Puppet Society family and will be treated to:

• Exclusive visits to DPS HQ's Fabrication Workshop and Gallery

• Invitations to opening nights and exclusive functions

• Opportunities to meet with Dead Puppet Society's creative team

• Recognition in our programs and on our website

• Sneak peeks at the work we’re making and emerging opportunities

• Opportunities to attend productions overseas and interstate

Dead Puppet Society thanks members of The Society for their ongoing support:

The Society

English Family Foundation
The Jelley Family Foundation
Liz and Nigel Prior
Cass and Ian George
Susan Learmonth and Bernard Curran
Zoë Connolly
Denise Wadley
John Yiannakis

For presentation opportunities, commissions or more information on our range of workshop and creative offerings.

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