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Magnificent swarm of bees taking flight.

Keep your eyes peeled!

Swarm was a custom creation for West Village's Bee Month in 2022 involving two thousand miniature brass bee sculptures artfully arranged throughout West Village. Each sculpture is laser-cut from polished brass and assembled by hand; including individually posed legs, antennae and wings. Nesting on surfaces high and low, foraging near garden beds and water sources…the closer you look, the more you’ll find.

After sunset, Fig Grove was transformed by four thousand animated LED pixels which illuminated the night. Accompanied by beautiful original music, this 360° light and sound experience depicts the magnificent swarm of bees taking flight.

Swarm is a sprawling, open-air installation by Dead Puppet Society which combines hand-crafted sculpture with dazzling technological effects. The artwork encourages visitors to admire the individual and collective beauty of Australia’s many native bee species.

Crafted especially for West Village, where natural and urban worlds co-exist, Swarm is a heartfelt tribute to these tiny pollinators, and a reminder of the irreplaceable relationship we share with the natural world around us.

Composer & Sound Designer Brady Watkins

Swarm features a suite of eight unique light and sound experiences.

Short performances every 10 minutes, full performances every 30 minutes.
6pm - 10pm nightly, 6 - 29 May 2022.

To find out more about Swarm, read this fascinating interview with our Associate Creative Director Matt Seery.


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