Puppet Manipulation

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Puppet performance skills.

This workshop offers students a foundational learning in Dead Puppet Society principles of puppetry and the instant devising techniques available to them when building scenes with puppets. No matter the style of puppetry you are working in, this workshop will demystify the form and allow for students to create moments of wonder and poetic meaning, all while
using simple household materials.

Students will:
• Be introduced to Puppetry as a form
• Create their own character
• Learn the core principles of Puppetry (Focus,
Breath and Gravity)
• Develop specific puppet manipulation skills
• Build language and performance skills specific
to Visual Theatre

Classroom Connections: Visual Theatre, Contemporary Performance, Puppetry and Children's Theatre, Devising and Ensemble Performance

Duration: 60 - 120 minutes
Suitability: Primary and Secondary Year Levels F-12
$500 +GST* (60 - 120 minutes)
All materials included

*A travel fee will apply when the location of the workshop is located outside of the Brisbane City Council area, or when the location is more than 20km from our HQ at Woolloongabba, Brisbane. The travel fee will be outlined upon quotation.

Workshop content includes:

• The crafting and use of paper, object, and laser cut training puppets 

• An understanding of Visual Theatre Techniques and Conventions 

• An introduction to puppet manipulation skills 

• The opportunity to devise small scale visual theatre performances 

• A focus on movement and shape to create visual symbol and meaning


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