Olive Branch Laurel

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The Olive Branch Laurel is a stunningly simple, brass headpiece worn by the two Ancient Greek heroes, Achilles and Patroclus, at the heart our epic production Holding Achilles.

Once awarded to diplomatic heroes and Olympic champions, our contemporary recreation of this ancient artefact highlights the simplicity and elegance of the historical prize.

Featuring two interwoven branches and dozens of individually detailed olive leaves, this hand-crafted, non-gendered and re-sizeable headpiece can be either worn as a statement piece of wearable art, or adorn a private or public interior space, sparking interesting conversation.

David Morton | 2022 | Brass | $395 inc. GST

Adjustable sizing available. Made to order.

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Originally created for our production Holding Achilles, Creative Director David Morton explains how this intricately designed sculpture can be worn as a wearable piece of art, or adorn an interior space.

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