I Know A Place

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Place-based storytelling.

I Know A Place invites audiences to celebrate the regions they call home, by recognising special places.

Designed for museums, galleries, and other community hubs, this participatory installation combines quiet contemplation with a delightful, hands-on crafting activity; a unique and rewarding interaction for locals and visitors alike. Crafted in our signature style, this beautiful centrepiece artwork deepens our connections to our local places and, ultimately, to each other.


I Know A Place is available to tour to your gallery from early 2025. Please contact us to express interest.

Artist in Residence at Museum of Brisbane

From 7 August - 1 September 2023 we were Artist in Residence at Museum of Brisbane with the installation, responding to the exhibition themes explored in Making Place: 100 Views of Brisbane through a participatory project involving the wider Brisbane community. We also participated in a special pop-up installation in Queen Street Mall from Saturday 4 November to Monday 27 November 2023.

During the residency with Museum of Brisbane, our team spoke with visitors about important memories of Brisbane locations. Responses were collected through our custom-made centrepiece designed and assembled using our signature computer and machine assisted approach. We thank all participants who participated in this open-ended collaboration.

Click here to read a fascinating Q&A with our Associate Creative Director Matt Seery to learn more about the residency, and check out the Gallery below to see some gorgeous photos taken during the residency by Katie Bennett featuring Matt and our Head of Youth and Engagement Helen Stephens.

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