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A preposterous hot pink party.

This outrageous outdoor Activation features a flappy-footed flamboyance of full-size flamingos. These brightly-coloured, bendy-necked, leg-balancing birds are universally recognised as nature’s most ridiculous thing. Croquet club of choice and heroes of front lawn decor; these absurd animals can’t help but create a scene.

A sudden rush of light heralds their arrival, as the obnoxious hot pink flock explore their peculiar new environment, charming passersby with equal parts silliness and sincerity. With their bodies bobbing and feathers flapping to a disco dance beat, these unexpected visitors will be the undisputed life of the party.

Flamingos was co-commissioned by Dead Puppet Society and Cairns Festival.

Choreographer Liesel Zink

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The Flamingos featured in Cairns Festival and Brisbane Festival in 2023.

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