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Construction and manipulation, online.

DPS Digital Workshops have been designed to provide meaningful arts experiences for students and educators. In this unique program, participants are guided through a series of exercises using common household/classroom materials to gain skills in both design and performance that are fundamental to visual theatre practice.

DPS Digital Workshops are accessed through a series of short videos available online, making them available for presentation both in the classroom or at home. Additionally, the Society’s facilitators are available for real time support, offering the chance for instant feedback and guided reflection.

We have two workshops available from Term Two 2020, which can be run individually or packaged together to provide a broader set of activities. Each workshop will take participants approximately 60-90minutes to complete in full and can be run as a one-off engagement or used as a starting point for a deeper work program. This format allows for highly flexible delivery, either in a single lesson or spread across a longer period. Both workshops are accompanied with a workplan to assist delivery.


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