Dead Puppet Society

The Wider Earth

A Dead Puppet Society and Queensland Theatre Production

By David Morton

With a bevy of astonishing puppets bringing to life creatures great and small – from the tiniest longhorn beetle to the majestic southern right whale and the ancient Galapagos tortoise – Dead Puppet Society reimagines the tale of scientific visionary Charles Darwin and his voyage on the HMS Beagle in The Wider Earth.

Come aboard for a magical journey with the curious naturalist, from the dizzying heights of the Andes to the depths of the Amazon rainforest, through the storms of Tierra del Fuego, to the endless wonders of the Galapagos Islands. The supporting cast of humans in this world premiere are no less compelling. 

It’s a coming-of-age story about science and faith – and how one doubting young man with a questing heart asked a question of Mother Nature, and found the answer to everything.

2018 tour dates:

17-27 January | Sydney Festival, Drama Theatre - Sydney Opera House
2 October - 30 December | Natural History Museum, London (with Trish Wadley Productions and Glass Half Full Productions)

Current team:

Director and Co-Designer David Morton
Creative Producer Nicholas Paine
Co-Designer Aaron Barton
Lighting Designers David Walters and Lee Curran
Composers Lior & Tony Buchen
Sound Designer Tony Brumpton
Projection Designer Justin Harrison
Technical Manager Samuel Maher
Puppet Fabrication Jennifer Livingstone and Matthew Seery
Dramaturgs Louise Gough and Sebastian Born
UK Performers Andrew Bridgmont, Marcello Cruz, Rory Fairbairn, Bradley Foster, Ian Houghton, Jack Parry-Jones, Kim Scopes, Matt Tair & Melissa Vaughan
Australian Performers Margi Brown Ash, Emily Burton, Tom Conroy, Thomas Larkin, David Lynch, Anthony Standish & Jaime Ureta

Past productions:

9 July - 7 August 2016 | Queensland Theatre Company

Past contributors:

Performers Lauren Jackson, Jonty Martin, Anna Straker

The Wider Earth was originally developed at St. Ann’s Puppet Lab (Matt Acheson and Krissy Smith, Lab Directors) at St. Ann’s Warehouse in Brooklyn, NY 2014.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body. It is also supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland. Funding for The Wider Earth has also been made possible by the English Family Foundation and Puffin Foundation Ltd. Proudly supported by the Hamer Family Fund, a sub-fund of Australian Communities Foundation.

Photos by Prudence Upton.

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