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Little Grey Wolf

"Baby, baby, rock-a-bye, On your side you mustn't lie, Or the little grey wolf will come, And will nip you on the tum, Drag you off into the wood, Underneath the willow root."
- Traditional Russian Lullaby

A Child has been taken. A house is left empty.

Each night at sundown, reduced by their sorrow to shadows of their former selves, the little girl's parents melt out of the portraits hanging on the walls and attempt to unravel the mystery of their daughter's diappearance.

A contemporary medley of classical children's tales, Little Grey Wolf melds live performance and puppetry to create a haunting tale of grief, guilt and innocence.

"A large eyed puppet is tenderly manipulated and completely entrancing." (The Independent Weekly)

"Superb shadow play and puppetry." (The Sunday Mail)

Past performers and contributors include:

David Morton (director, co-writer, puppet maker and animator), Benjamin Schostakowski (performer, co-writer and sound design), Elizabeth Millington (performer, co-writer and animator), Nicholas Paine (producer), Natasha Pizzica (stage manager and producer), Whitney Eglington (lighting design), and Freddy Komp and Samuel Maher (performers).

Past productions:

12 - 28 February 2010 | The Garden of Unearthly Delights | Adelaide Fringe.
21 - 25 September 2009 | UNDER THE RADAR | Brisbane Festival.

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