Dead Puppet Society

Last Tree in the City

A co-production with Artslink Queensland.

Edward lives in a city; a busy, grey city. Colour disappears into the concrete walls and there are only hard, grey paving stones to play on. But at the end of the street stands the last tree in the city! The tree is beautiful and Edward swings on its branches and gets lost in its leaves. Until one day, the tree is gone. Edward is devastated and lonely; everything is grey once more. But wait! There just might be some hidden beauty peeking out from behind the concrete walls.

Brought to life using table-top puppetry, Edward and his pet duck explore an immersive world built from projected picture book illustrations, text and animations. This whimsical production will inspire students’ creative thinking and encourage them to find ways to beautify their own communities.

A poignant story about the environment and the way children relate to its beauty, Last Tree in the City explores themes of sustainability, the environment and active citizenship.

Production team:

Book Peter Carnavas
Directior and Designer David Morton
Producer Nicholas Paine
Composer Chris Perren
Performers Luke Constable and Helen Stephens

This picture book is published by New Frontier Publishing.

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