Dead Puppet Society

Laser Beak Man

Presented by Dead Puppet Society, La Boite and Brisbane Festival
in association with PowerArts

By David Morton, Nicholas Paine and Tim Sharp
With music by Sam Cromack (Ball Park Music)

2019/20 tour dates:

12-13 September | Cairns Performing Arts Centre
18-21 September | Arts Centre Melbourne
2-5 October | Queensland Performing Arts Centre
8-12 January | Sydney Festival and Sydney Opera House
16-18 January | HOTA Gold Coast

Power City is the most beautiful city in the world, clean, pure – perfect; but not by accident. Local hero Laser Beak Man works hard to keep it that way. Drawing energy from the underground Magna Crystals that power the City his beak has the ability to shoot lasers that turn bad to good. That is until Peter Bartman, evil genius, and Laser Beak Man’s estranged childhood friend, steals the Magna Crystals using the Thriller Driller. Robbed of his super powers, Laser Beak Man must find a way to stop his oldest nemesis from destroying Power City. In a story jam packed with the trademark humor and visual puns that come from his literal interpretation of language, Laser Beak Man is a new visual theatre work under development by the Dead Puppet Society and Tim Sharp that explodes with color and energy.

Past productions:

9-30 September 2017 | Brisbane Festival & La Boite Theatre Company

Production team:

Director/Co-Designer David Morton
Creative Producer Nicholas Paine
Original Artwork Tim Sharp
Composer Sam Cromack
Designer Jonathon Oxlade
Sound Designer Tony Brumpton
Projection Designer Justin Harrison
Lighting Designer Jason Glenwright
Technical Manager Samuel Maher
Dramaturgs Louise Gough & Todd MacDonald

This project has been assisted by the Australian government through the Department of Communication and the Arts’ Catalyst—Australian Arts and Culture Fund. Developed as part of New Victory LabWorks at The New Victory Theater in New York City. Originally Commissioned by Queensland Performing Arts Centre, Sydney Opera House, Arts Centre Melbourne and Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre. This project is supported by Creative Sparks, a joint initiative of Brisbane City Council and the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland, and assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body. Funding support for this project has been provided by The Jim Henson Foundation. 

Photos by Dylan Evans.

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