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Desire to Rot

Straight off the back of his world tour, renowned performer Victor Blott makes his Australian premier with a one night only performance in which he will kill himself.

His robes are freshly pressed. His weapon of choice, a dagger, awaits him on a velvet pedestal. All is set.

There is, however, a slight problem. The piano player whose music is to accompany Mr. Blott's imminent death has trouble staying focussed on the performance at hand. The indolent musician begins to interrupt Mr. Blott's ritual, forcing this esteemed artist to take some serious measures.

The work was created in collaboration with Benjamin Schostakowski and Elizabeth Millington.

Desire to Rot was originally presented in the 2009 Short+Sweet Festival at the Brisbane Powerhouse and received the following awards: Best Comedy, Peoples' Choice Award (voted by audiences), and The Short+Sweet Award for Best Overall Production (Judges Choice).

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