Dead Puppet Society


Dead Puppet Society is a production house and design company creating puppet-based, visual theatre in Australia and the United States. Uniting an old world aesthetic with cutting edge technical elements the company conjur immersive worlds where the mythic sits alongside the macabre, and the old school meets the technological. Working in an eclectic form of theatre that ignores the boundaries between defined artistic practices they balance artistic collaborations with training and workshops to strengthen the form of puppetry on the international stage.

The ‘puppet renaissance’ has been busily playing itself out for a few years now… the Dead Puppet Society at its helm (Greenroom)

The company's strength is their ability to create an entire realm for their audience to inhabit...they are nothing short of amazing (TimeOff Magazine)

Funny and endearing one moment, utterly horrifying the next...its just too well done in its gothic intensity (Australian Stage)

Suberb shadow play and puppetry...stark, sinister beauty (The Sunday Mail)

Touches the rim of the extraordinary… (The Australian)


If you can aid us in our endeavour for puppet equality, are interested in a workshop program or residency, or would otherwise like to say hi, the best way to track us down is on

Australia HQ:
60 Kennedy Tce, Paddington QLD 4064, Australia

United States HQ:
89 Mercer Street, Jersey City NJ 07302, United States of America


The Dead Puppet Society is:
Creative Director David Morton
Executive Producer Nicholas Paine
Artistic Associate Helen Stephens
Creative Producer Jen Livingstone
Education Consultant Annette Box

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