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Visual Theatre Processes

This workshop is applicable across a broad range of styles and can be tailored to focus on VISUAL THEATRE, AUSTRALIAN GOTHIC, and HEIGHTENED or MAGICAL REALISM. Over the course of the session/s our artists guide your students through a creative process that demonstrates the key steps taken by DPS in the creation of new performance works, equipping them with the skills needed to either translate or augment text with visual language and access to the resources required to apply their critical and creative thinking. As a part of this process they will learn about the importance of selecting a poetic starting point, the many forms a script can take, staging and design considerations, and rehearsal techniques – all underpinned with the specific features and traits of your chosen style or form. Whilst we are able to provide you with a source text or starting points, this workshop can also be used to supplement an existing unit of study or creative project.

Time 90+ minutes
Suitability Secondary
Curriculum Connections Drama - This workshop can be teamed with any style or form already being studied in the classroom but is particularly compatible with Visual Theatre, Object Theatre, Australian Gothic, Heightened or Magical Realism, Physical Theatre and Contemporary Puppetry as well as working with Skills of Drama such as devising, directing, scriptwriting, applying stagecraft, acting (voice and movement) and working as an ensemble.


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