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Intro to Puppetry

In this workshop students are introduced to the skills that form the core of DPS’s work; the techniques that we use to bring a puppet to life in performance. With a focus on poetic illusion, we introduce the elements of focus, breath and gravity in a series of training exercises using brown paper. Following this, students have the opportunity to work with DPS’s training puppets; wooden table-top puppets custom made for our workshop program, while engaging with more advanced techniques including the manipulation hierarchy and kinaesthetic intelligence. In bringing together these new skills, our facilitator then guides students in the creation of a series of short scenes as they create impossible and yet deeply engaging characters that exploit the unique potential offered by puppets in live performance. In this workshop the boundaries between the performer and puppet begin to fade as physical reality gives way to the imagination. This workshop serves as an introduction to puppetry and can be tailored to suit forms including TABLETOP PUPPETRY, SHADOW PUPPETRY, and OBJECT MANIPULATION.

Time 60-90 minutes
Suitability Primary and Secondary
Curriculum Connections Drama - Visual Theatre, Object Theatre, Heightened and Magical Realism, Cinematic Theatre, Postmodern Theatre and Contemporary Puppetry, working with Skills of Drama such as devising, improvising, applying stagecraft, acting (voice and movement), working as an ensemble and the Dramatic Elements of role, focus, mood, place, space and time.


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