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Custom puppets for your production

In 2017, for the first time in DPS’s history, we began creating custom puppets for school productions. Working closely with your creative team we are able to custom design a professional grade puppet to meet your vision and supply all relevant plans. Construction can either be undertaken offsite by the DPS artists, or we can work alongside you own Design and Technology or Art departments to bring the plans to life. Following the fabrication phase we are then able to assist in your rehearsal process, training your student-puppeteers, and ensuring a seamless integration of the puppetry elements into your production as a whole. With almost a decade of experience in the design and creation of puppet characters, both at home and abroad, we are delighted to be able to bring this knowledge to your production.

The expertise of the team at DPS is second to none, and we are so very grateful that they thought the project was not only worth their consideration and investment, but also for all the time, effort, energy and trouble-shooting they were able to provide for our school and students. I cannot find adequate words to express the benefits that have come from this project across our High School context, and have no doubt that there will be rewards reaped for many students in the years to come, simply from having been a part of such a unique, challenging and ultimately successful endeavour.
- Christine Harm, King's Christian College

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