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Argus Workshop (abstract/object puppetry)

This special workshop serves as an introduction to the more experimental aspects of puppetry. Based on the techniques and imaginative play developed for Argus and by the Society over the last two years, this workshop expands the notions of puppetry beyond simple built objects and encourages students to think outside the box and explore the limits of theatrical storytelling. Using found objects, their bodies, and simple materials students are guided through the Society’s elements of puppet poetics, as they create impossible and yet deeply engaging characters that exploit the unique potential offered by puppets in live performance. In this workshop the boundaries between the performer and puppet begin to fade as physical reality gives way to the imagination.

This workshop is offered in conjunction with the Argus season at Queensland Theatre Company and can take place after any morning/afternoon performance.

Time: 60 mins
Suitability: Primary and Secondary
Cost: $350
Booking: Please email to book

We are also happy to offer any of our other In-School Workshops to take place in conjunction with seeing a performance.

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